Programa de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu em Engenharia de Produção


International Events and Activities

  • Holding of the 9th International Workshop onAdvances in Cleaner Production (9th IWACP) was held in Melbourne, Australia, on May 26, 2020. Held in partnership with PPGEP UNIP, Advances in Cleaner Production Network (ACPN - Advances in Cleaner Production Network) and Deakin University, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event took place entirely online. In addition to UNIP and Deakin University, other partner institutions can be mentioned. They are: UNIFI (University of Florence, Italy), University of Kent (UK), UNISON (University of Sonora, Mexico), Illinois Institute of Technology (USA), University of Manitoba (Canada), CUC (La Costa University , Colombia), Journal of Cleaner Production, Beijing Normal University (China).
  • In the context of the Advances in Cleaner Production Network (ACPN), the international declaration of Barranquilla and Sanya was signed. In 2017 and 2019, respectively, in São Paulo (Brazil) and Sanya (China), UNIP, together with its academic partners, through the ACPN network, promoted the International Declarations: “Our Vision 'and' the Next 40 Years of Cleaner Production”. The Declaration was signed by Biagio F. Giannetti (Universidade Paulista, Founder and General Chair of ACPN), Zhifeng Yang (Chinese Academy of Engineering), Changbo Zhou (China National Cleaner Production Center/Ministry of Environmental Protection), Yutao Wang (Fudan University and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Cleaner Production), Cecilia M.V.B. Almeida (Universidade Paulista and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Cleaner Production), Gang Liu (University of Southern Denmark), Linda Hancock (Deakin University), Lei Shi (Tsinghua University), Giovanni Baiocchi (Maryland University) and Gengyuan Liu ( Beijing Normal University).
  • Universidade Paulista - UNIP, through the PPGEP, signed a Scientific Cooperation Agreement with CHAIR UNESCO on 'Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development', from the Science and Technology Department of the Parthenope University of Naples, Italy. professors Pier Paolo Franzese (Parthenope University of Naples) and Biagio F. Giannetti, coordinator of the Production and Environment Laboratory (LaProMA) and the Area of Concentration Sustainability in Production Systems at PPGEP UNIP.
  • Interaction with Cranfield University, UK, in 2020, through an established partnership, a chapter was published in the book “Food Supply Chain Cities”, edited by Cranfield Professors Emel Aktas and Michael Bourlakis from School of Management. The chapter of the book “Food Distribution in School Feeding Programs in Brazil” had the participation of Profs. João Gilberto Mendes dos Reis and Oduvaldo Vendrametto.
  • For the recognition of the academic community regarding the important contributions of PPGEP professors to the advances made from the studies carried out on the theme of Cleaner Production, since May 2017, Prof. Cecilia M. V. B. Almeida works as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Cleaner Production, with two other professors on her permanent editorial board.
  • Since 2005, Universidade Paulista and PPGEP are signatories of the International Declaration on Cleaner Production, by UNEP (United Nations Environment Program).

International Partnerships and Agreements

  • UNIVERSITY OF SONORA (UNISON). Scientific cooperation agreement, existing since 2007, between UNIP and the University of Sonora (UNISON).
  • POLYTECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF BIALYSTOK – POLAND, it was agreed to take place, in 2020, a summer school where two BUT students would be received. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, caused the cancellation of the project, as, among other implications, international travel was prohibited.
  • GHEORGHE ASACHI TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY – ROMANIA. Highlight the following academic activities: exchange of two masters students from GheorgheAsachiTechnicalUniversity of Iasi-Romania, who were at PPGEP UNIP in 2019 conducting research and receiving co-supervision; Professors Biagio, Cecilia and Feni from PPGEP UNIP started writing a book chapter in 2020
  • GLOBAL FACULTY WEEK – LITHUANIA. The event, scheduled for 2020, due to the entire context experienced by the planet, ended up not taking place as initially planned. It was decided to prioritize discussions remotely, to schedule the event for the year 2021, and its result will be highlighted in the report that will gather information related to the base year of 2021. It is noteworthy, however, that the event had the collaboration of PPGEP Professors, João Gilberto Mendes dos Reis and Irenilza de Alencar Nääs.
  • UNIVERSITY OF PORTO – PORTUGAL. A student of PPGEP UNIP completed a period of Doctoral Sandwich, from December 18, 2018 to May 27, 2019. UNIP signed a specific cooperation agreement between the PPGEP UNIP and the Doctoral Program in Industrial Management at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP).
  • POLYTECHNIC IN POZEGA – CROATIA. Partnership for the exchange of students and teachers in the ERASMUS+ program. Professor Rodrigo Franco Gonçalves from PPGEP UNIP participated in a week of exchange, establishing partnerships that resulted in joint publications.
  • SIENA UNIVERSITY – ITALY. A noteworthy result of the agreement signed in 2014 with Siena University is the arrival of graduates from that institution. Dr. Luca Coscieme did a postdoctoral internship at PPGEP UNIP and after this period he became a researcher at the EuropeanEnvironmentAgency in Copenhagen (Denmark) and at Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland). Currently Dr. Coscieme is Research Program Manager at the Hot and Cool Insitute. In early 2020, he participated as a visiting professor at PPGEP UNIP. It resulted in a workshop, student exchange and joint publications in high-impact journals
  • UNIVERSIDAD DE ORIENTE – CUBA. The academic cooperation agreement with Universidade de Oriente (Cuba) resulted in the following scientific article published in 2020: 1. QUIÑONEZ, R. E.; MORENO GARCIA, R. R.; FERIA, U.P.; PEREZ, K.M.P.; AGOSTINHO, F.; GIANNETTI, B. F. Construcción de la Matriz Insumo Producto de la Provincial Esmeraldas, República del Ecuador. Studies of Applied Economics, vol. 38, p. 1-17, 2020.
  • BEIJING NORMAL UNIVERSITY – CHINA. In 2015, a scientific cooperation agreement was signed between UNIP and the Beijing Normal University (BNU), which has made possible, since then, several academic research and teaching actions. In 2020, the partnership resulted in 4 high-impact publications. Between November 30 and December 17, 2020, PPGEP UNIP professors, Dr. Biagio F. Giannetti, Dr. Cecilia Almeida and Dr. Feni Agostinho, at the invitation of Beijing Normal University (BNU – Beijing Normal University), taught a course for undergraduate and graduate students at the Chinese university. Entitled Science-BasedEvaluation System Centered in Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Nexusand Real Wealth, the course aimed to exchange information on the main characteristics of environmental accounting tools used for the diagnosis and management of production systems, aiming to achieve greater sustainability levels.
  • UNIVERSITY OF LA COSTA. In 2017, a scientific cooperation agreement was signed between UNIP and the Universidad de La Costa (CUC), which has since made possible several academic research and teaching actions. This partnership resulted in the 7th IWACP being held at the CUC campus in Barranquilla, Colombia. In 2020, UNIP and CUC professors published an article together in the Journal of Cleaner Production.

Program professors maintain institutional relations of cooperation with the following foundations, companies and/or international institutions:

  • The Tsukuba University – Japan;
  • The Himejei Institute of Technology – Japan;
  • Shizuoka University – Japan;
  • The University of Cienfuegos – Cuba;
  • The University of Tennessee – USA;
  • Cranfield University – UK.